About Us

Kristin Williams, Sacramento Regional Manager

Kristin is a Sacramento Area native with deep roots in both the farming and development communities, often opposing forces in the Central Valley region of California. She has remained in real estate related fields throughout her career, in both Wyoming and California – initially in real estate sales and later in real estate financing. Her first and most enduring interest has been in historical, older structures with unique and/or superior structural and architectural integrity into which, deconstruction dovetails nicely—another option for preservation over demolition.

With Kristin’s help, you can…

  • Accomplish your construction goals while ensuring the continued life of the reusable materials. Whether you’re planning a small remodelling project or a complete teardown, contact Kristin Williams for a complete explanation of the process.
  • Receive a tax deduction for donated building materials, significantly reducing, or totally offsetting, the cost of deconstruction.
  • Connect with some of the finest contractors in the Sacramento/Central Valley region.
  • Join Kristin’s growing network of homeowners, building owners, contractors, architects, interior designers, developers, environment advocates, government officials and planning-department professionals committed to reducing waste through C&D recovery and reuse.

Kristin Williams – Regional Manager, Sacramento

Tel: (209) 241-3614 | Email

How We’ve Helped


Houses Deconstructed for Reusable Materials

TRP has deconstructed over 4,000 houses and other buildings to salvage reusable materials. This has prevented vast amounts of building materials from ending up in landfills.


Tons of Waste Diverted From Landfills

TRP has diverted over 400,000 tons of reusable materials from landfills, helping to reduce our footprint on the planet as well as provide repurposed materials for construction.


Workers and Contractors Trained

TRP has trained and certified over 500 unemployed, underemployed, and disadvantaged workers, as well as over 70 contractors who in turn create needed construction jobs.